University-Industry Linkages

Kibabii University has developed strong linkages with industry, government, universities and research institutions. Most of these linkages and collaborative activities are in the form of institutional capacity building, research, book donations, joint publications, journals, joint postgraduate supervision, international and local conferences workshops and seminars. The goal of supporting university-industry linkage is to promote the relevance and contribution of universities to socio-economic development of the society.

Benefits of the University Industry Linkage

The benefits can be catagorized as those to the university and those to the industry

 Benefits of Collaborations to the Industry

  1. Access to manpower, Including well-trained graduates and knowledgeable faculty,
  2. Access to basic and applied research results from which new products and processes will evolve,
  3. Solutions to specific problems or professional expertise, not usually found in an individual firm
  4. Access to university facilities, not avaiLabAfricale in the company,
  5. Assistance in continuing education and training, obtaining prestige (influence) or enhancing the company’s image and
  6. Being good local citizens or fostering good community relations

 Benefits of Collaborations to the University

  1. Providing alternative funding channels in an era of constrained financing;
  2. Access to/or acquisition of equipment;
  3. Improved curriculum and training in technology-oriented programs and problem solving;
  4. Enhanced employment prospects for students;
  5. Supplemental income for academic staff; and
  6. Clearer contribution of universities to the economy
  7. industrially sponsored research provides student with exposure to real world research problems, industrially sponsored research



Inter-University Council of East Africa

We collaborate on staff capacity building, scholarships, research and staff mobility


Lake Region Economic Block

KIBU is LREB’s center of Excellence in ICT and Trade and Cooperatives.


IBM East Africa

KIBU signed an MOU with IBM East Africa on various academic collaborations


County Government of Bungoma

KIBU collaborates with County Government of various issues



He is currently implementing EU funded Erasmus + Programme African Higher Education Leadership in Advancing Inclusive Innovation for Development.


KIBU is an accredited Huawei training and testing center