Kibabii University is proud to be a leader in fostering international understanding, and in developing the networks of students and scholars who collectively work to build a brighter future for the world. Linkages and International Affairs Office’s mission is to serve and support the entire KIBU community in this effort.

Linkages and International Affairs Office also works with units and departments across the university to help encourage and support our faculty’s international research engagements. As unique institutions dedicated to the development of human ingenuity and talent, universities are central to this effort, and the Kibabii University is committed to becoming a global leader among them.

Service to International Students, Exchange Students and Exchange Visitors

International students, and exchange students and visitors play an important role in the advancement of KIBU’s research and teaching missions. Their presence is key to enhancing KIBU’s tradition of global learning. We are pleased to provide the services that make it possible for them to be here, and to do our best to create a welcoming environment during their stay on campus.

Education Abroad

Kibabii University aims at providing study abroad opportunities to its students, Linkages and International Affairs Office intends to give students opportunities to expose them to possible high-impact global learning experiences, increasing their competitiveness on the global market and develop their skills as global citizens.

Facilitating Global Learning on Campus

Linkages and International Affairs Office supports integrative global learning through on-campus programming for students as well as professional development opportunities for faculty and staff to facilitate global learning courses and experiences.

Supporting our Faculty’s Global Research Engagement

As a major research university, KIBU faculty work around the global. Linkages and International Affairs Office offers programs to help faculty develop and enhance their international research activities, and provides faculty with support and advice on the challenges and opportunities of working outside Kenya.