Student Exchange

When an academic staff/faculty member or student functions participates in an exchange Programme, each institution learns about and better understands the inherent nature of the other’s work. Individuals participating in an exchange program should not only acquire knowledge, skills, and insights which will inform and sharpen their work upon return to their home institution, but will contribute their own expertise to the life of the visited institution or organization. In its effort to achieve its Vision and Mission, KIBU encourages and supports its staff and students to undertake exchange programmes with other international universities/institutions of higher learning.


For a student to participate in a long-term exchange programme, the following minimum requirements must be met:

  1. Be enrolled as a full-time student at KIBU;
  2. Have completed at least one (1) year of full-time study at KIBU;
  3. Have a mean score of over 60, if the mean falls below 60 for the semester preceding the exchange, it may be subject to cancellation;
  4. Must not be on academic disciplinary or pending disciplinary action;
  5. Must not have incomplete grades;
  6. Must be proficient in English or the language of the host University/Institution;
  7. Must accept the terms of the exchange as agreed between KIBU and the host University/Institution;
  8. Priority will be given to students who had not participated in a previous exchange programme; and
  9. Exceptions to any of the above requirements must be approved by the VC.


Undergraduate Opportunities

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Postgraduate Opportunities

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